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Introduction of Giles Chapman

This nonprofit organization’s major component is the “Chapman Commonality Diagram”. Said diagram was developed by Mr. Chapman based upon his early life experiences, choices and subsequent self-destructive behavior pattern routine using various psychological and sociological models.

The “Chapman Commonality Diagram” is an innovative tool designed to assist individuals in identifying, understanding, accepting and correcting unresolved issues they’ve experienced; whether during their childhood, adolescent or teenage stage of development.  Because, when said unresolved issues (problems) go unchecked, they can easily manifest into a self-destructive behavior pattern.  This can occur during the process of development; as an individual can resort to distorted or criminal thinking errors and set-up unhealthy defense mechanisms.  In order to cope with interpersonal issues, external problems or traumatic situations encountered in an unhealthy living environment. And as a result, this can lead to poor decision making, inappropriate responses, low self-esteem, delinquent and possibly criminal behavior. Which in Mr. Chapman’s case lead to him choosing negative associations, rebellion, smoking, school truancy, alcohol/drug use, quitting school, petty crimes and eventually juvenile detention and ending up in the State Penitentiary at seventeen years old.In this present day and age, millions of our youths are experiencing the commonalities associated with growing up in unhealthy environments all across this country.  And now America is witnessing a large percentage of our youths heading down the most frequently traveled path; which leads to jails, institutions or death. T.R.I.U.M.P.H. Inc. believes that the plethora of societal issues plaguing society; as a result of self-destructive behavior patterns, can be deterred and/or corrected with the “Chapman Commonality Diagram”.  As this innovative way of presenting the cognitive principle of self-change, truly enables participants to personally correct their self-destructive behavior pattern routines.  And in the process, changing themselves into law abiding, responsible and productive citizens.

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T.R.I.U.M.P.H. Inc. was created by Giles E. Chapman. T.R.I.U.M.P.H. is an acronym that means Transitional, Recovery, Information, Unraveling, Men/Women’s, Problems, Holistically.